February 6, 2016

No one wants to get stuck paying a huge repair bill that could have been avoided. Getting a short term deal for a motor home can help you avoid these kinds of unnecessary expenses.

Why would you need short term cover?

There are many instances when having a short term policy makes sense. If you are not the owner of a vehicle or you have someone else sharing driving responsibilities, then a short term policy may be the ideal solution. Short term cover will protect you when you have a guest borrowing a vehicle, if you are using a vehicle temporarily, or want to insure a van for one day and haven’t purchased a permanent policy for it yet. There are many companies that provide short term cover and it is easier than ever to purchase a policy online. With the number of days for short term cover ranging from 1-28 days, you can easily find the best weekly or one month quote that fits your needs. When using short term insurance on a motor home, you get simple coverage quickly for the specified drivers and vehicle.

Instead of going through the arduous job of adding insurance on your regular coverage, low cost 30 day quotes can help to cover the essentials without all the hassle, even if you only need insurance for 1 day.

What things should you look for with short term coverage?

Read up on the length of insurance and find out if you will be able to take out a new policy at the end of the term.

You will also need to know the age restrictions and the driving history required. If you’re searching to get the best UK short term coverage, find out what type of licenses are accepted if you are visiting from another country.

Shop for the best price.

Cost may be affected by your age, the length of coverage you need and the type of vehicle being covered. For example, temporary van insurance may be more expensive than the same level and duration of cover for another vehicle. Make sure that you are getting the best deal while not sacrificing coverage even if you are just looking to compare low cost van cover for a week.